"I learned this business from my father. He helped me understand a number of important things. First and foremost, we want to be known for construction quality. All of our people know what quality is, and they have the skills and the attitude to build it. They allow us to be proud of our work and deliver on my father's promise everyday."

—Gary Squires, President

   Quality is apparent in buildings that stand the test of time. The same is true of construction firms. Since 1958, Manning Squires Hennig has earned its standing as a builder of quality and a business of integrity.
   From the company's start by two local masons to today's team of seasoned professionals, MSH has retained its family-owned company values. The company built its reputation as one of the best masonry contractors in the area, and like the projects MSH builds, the company has grown from that foundation to provide a full range of construction services.
   The construction business has changed since 1958, but MSH's principles have remained the same. Each project is managed by an experienced construction professional, and customers can trust MSH for jobs done right - With safety as a top priority and a smooth relationship throughout. "This firm was founded on a simple commitment to quality and integrity. We think those values are still important today."